Sebastian de la Cruz

Sebastian de la Cruz of unknown parentage was probably born around the late 1600s or early 1700s and is the progenitor for many contemporary Cruz families that have their genealogical roots to the Chimayó, Picuris and Mora areas. The Y-DNA genetic results for this line are Q1, a Native American sequence. To learn more about this lineage read an article that Lorraine Aguilar, Lori Awasthi and myself co-authored entitled  Sebastian de la Cruz – A Native American Colonist which is published in Herencia, Journal of the Hispanic Research Center of New Mexico, Vol 21 Issue 2 – April 2013.


Visit the following link for Herencia publications:


Home of Patricio Cruz, Chimayó, NM

Patricio Cruz's House, Chimayó

Patricio was born in March of 1884 and the son of José Deciderio Cruz and María Cipriana Vigil.

For more of Don Usner’s work visit his VENTANA DE LA LUZ website:






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