Queries & Solicitations

Medina, Lobato and Cordoba: November 7, 2013

Looking for a male descendants of the Medina, Lobato and Cordoba clans to Y-DNA test. I am currently working on evaluating these lineages via Y-DNA. We have several samples for each of the lines mentioned but no clarity to which result(s) belong to the progenitor lines. Please contact Miguél @ ballnchain@windstream.net

Gomez: June 21, 2013

Looking for a male descendant of Santiago Gomez from his 1st wife, Guadalupe Gallegos (married 1-9-1860 at San Ildefonso) or his 2nd wife, Tomasita Ortega. Santiago was the son of Jose Eusebio Gomez and María Guadalupe Herrera. Santiago had a son with Guadalupe Gallegos and using Y-DNA I am hoping to link said Jeronimo to Jeronimo Gomez who was married to Rosario Gomez. Please contact Miguél @ ballnchain@windstream.net or Toni Giovanetti @ Maggie3229@aol.com.

Pacheco: May 20, 2013

Looking for a male descendant of Geronimo Pacheco with a good paper trail to do a Y-DNA test. Test candidate will have cost of test covered. Please contact Miguél @ ballnchain@windstream.net


4 thoughts on “Queries & Solicitations

  1. Angela Snyder

    Hi there, I saw your solicitation for a descendent of Geronimo Pacheco, he is my 8th ggf on my paternal side. Are you still looking for male descendants if so, I have a son who could be a volunteer. I do gave a question were the Pacheco’ full Spanish European or were they one of the families that had intermingled with Native Americans from New Mexico.

    1. nicolas1695 Post author

      To be a candidate a direct male descendant means that your son would have to be a male Pacheco whose father is Pacheco and his father’s line tracing back as Pacheco unbroken. Google how Y-DNA works. It sounds to me like your connection to Geronimo is from a “zig zag” way in your genealogy. If one of your grandparents is Pacheco the a relative from that family carrying the Pacheco name is a candidate.

      1. Angela Snyder

        Thank you for your response to my inquiry regarding my Pacheco family connection. I wish we did have a direct descendecy. Thanks again.

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