Plaza del Cerro Y-DNA Study

In 2006, the Chimayó Cultural Preservation Association passed a motion that we sponsor a basic Y-DNA genetic study on some of the Plaza del Cerró’s prominent families. Àngel Cervantes, administrator of the NM DNA Project and myself collaborated on the project. I was responsible for the genealogical research while Àngel analyzed the genetic results. We produced a basic paternal understanding of the ancestral origins for these contemporary families tested. Several of the families have genealogies with paper trail road blocks and our hope was to further their genealogies by linking them to other families tested. At that time the NM DNA Project was young and since has grown to over 1,600 members so the comparison data pool was much smaller than today. Since then some of these families have had their genetic results expanded and more in depth work done on them independently of the CCPA’s initial sponsorship. More information on these expansions will be discussed in time so stay tuned.  Visit the link to the CCPA website that shows the results for the families.


2 thoughts on “Plaza del Cerro Y-DNA Study

    1. nicolas1695 Post author

      Ernie, the Chimayó museum changed their website and this part of it is now unlinked. I will make a page on this site with that project info.


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