As of April 1, 2015, The New Mexico Genealogical Society’s Genetic Genealogy Project was granted an FTDNA project called “NMGS DNA Project”. The project’s goals are to validate genealogies tracing back to their known origin in New Mexico using Y-DNA and mtDNA testing. Autosomal (Family Finder) DNA is fun and exciting but does not answer the questions we seek to answer. A person who has only done autosomal DNA is not a candidate for the project. However a person who has done autosomal DNA can easily upgrade to Y-DNA and mtDNA and join the project.

Project link:  https://www.familytreedna.com/public/NMGSGeneticDNA/

Angel Cervantes, administrator of the NM DNA Project, is our technical advisor. It is important to note that this project is being developed at the request of our members and is not intended to compete with the NM DNA Project and with Angel as our technical advisor there will be cohesion between the two.

See PDFs regarding a more detailed description of the project as well as the required release form.


Release of DNA _April_2015


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