Update on Medina YDNA Project, July 8, 2014.

Starting in the fall 2013 I began trying to better understand the Medina YDNA code and trying to determine which lineages descend from Captain Diego de Medina. An interest in this surname was personal as my great grandmother was a Adelina Medina from Chacon, Mora but I was primarily sparked by an article published by Marilyn Herrera Britton in the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center Journal – Jan 2013: Vol.21:1, Who is the Progenitor of the Medina Family?
I began by cataloging and contacting Medinas that had tested thus far via the NM DNA Project. I then progressed to getting more male Medinas tested in order to get a better data set which is still a work in progress.

A synopsis of Marilyn’s article and other sources tell us:

That it appears that Capitan Diego de Medina[1] is the progenitor for the Medina name in New Mexico. The article and other sources indicate that Capitan Diego de Medina was married to María Zapata Telles Jirón and they had the following children.

  • Diego Medina, born in New Mexico; died Bef. 1750 in New Mexico.
  • Lugarda Medina, born in New Mexico.
  • Maria Antonia Catarina Medina, born in New Mexico; died Bef. 1779.
  • Rosa Medina, born in New Mexico.
  • Jose Ysidro Medina, born Abt. 1692 in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Ramon Medina, born 1694 in New Mexico. He married (1) Juana Rodriguez2; died Bef. 1718 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He married (2) Valentina Montes de Oca Oct 09, 1718 in Santa Fe, New Mexico; born 1696.
  • Juana Josefa Medina, born 1695 in New Mexico; died Bef. 1749 in New Mexico.
  • Juana Medina, born 1700 in New Mexico.

From the list above we see that there are three males with potential of passing the Medina surname and YDNA of Captain Diego de Medina. The question to be answered is which of the three boys are legitimate, all, some or none. The article states that in the 1693 census his wife before their marriage had four orphans in her house. The names of the orphans are listed as Maria, Josefa, Ramon and Isidro Jose. The article suggests that these children must have been taken under the wings of Diego and given his surname.

This Medina study, like many of my other genetic genealogy studies is progressing at a slow rate. A review and double check of the genealogies for those tested is currently underway. At this point the majority of those tested have paper trails that trace back to Jose Ysidro Medina and the YDNA data is suggesting that Jose Ysidro may have been an orphaned Duran y Chavez child and the same one listed in the 1693 census. Results for Diego Jr. are Native American and lastly we have not been able to find any living male descendants of Ramon to test. Diego Jr. is not named on the orphan list and clearly born after Captain Diego and his wife Maria are married, so is he the true legitimate son of Captain Diego suggesting that the Captain was of paternal Indian descent? These are the questions that I am trying to answer and the purpose of this information is not to suggest any definitive answers but rather to solicit more Medinas to test so that we have a sound data set to try and make conclusions. If anyone has corrections or additional information please share.

[1] Diego Medinawas born Abt. 1674 in Durango, Mexico, and died Bef. 1717 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He married Maria Zapata Telles Jiron February 07, 1694 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, daughter of Jose Jiron and Catalina Romero. She was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



31 thoughts on “Medina

  1. Leah Acosta

    My great-grandfather was an Alejandro Medina, from Mora. He served in WW1, and died as a result of wounds sustained there. He was father to my grandmother, on my father’s side. He had no sons, so I doubt this information is useful to you, but I thought I’d share in case you had any blank spaces to fill regarding Medina’s from Mora,

      1. Leah Acosta

        I apologize for the delay in answering. The replies to this thread ended up in my spam folder and I was negligent in checking it for a long time. Yes, my great-grandfather Alejandro Medina (1891-1920), did have brothers. Oldest was Eleuterio (b. 1884), then sister Virginia(1888-1966), then Nazario (b. 1889). These are the siblings I’ve found on Ancestry, as the children of Jose de Gracia Medina (b.1858) and Nicolasa Archiveque (b.1866). My grandmother was middle named for Nicolasa, so I know it’s the right thread, but I am a little confused because my grandmother also told me that her father Alejandro also had a sister named Adelaida or Adelita, and I can find no record of her on the census.

    1. Lawrence Medina

      My name is Lawrence Z Medina, from SLC, UT. My DNA results has shown I’m a decent of Jose Ysidro Medina, who the blood line of Captain Diego Medina, whom is the son of Melchor De Medina, the son of Tomas Medina, from Spain.

      1. Frank Medina Jr.

        Hello Lawrence !! My name is Frank Medina Jr son of {4213 Jose Francisco Medina} and decent of {384} Jose Ysidro Medina blood line. My father is from el Valle de San Luis, Colorado near the New Mexico border. My Grandfather is {4307Jose Seledon Medina} born 1881 in either El Rito or San Francisco Colorado El Valle de San Luis and his father is {4235 Juan Bautista Medina} who born 9 Feb 1830 in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. His Father is Francisco Antonio Medina who was son of {4097 Felipe Medina }. His father is {4091 Juan Salvador Medina } and his father is {384 Jose Ysidro Medina } son of {1 Capitan Jose Diego Medina }. I am trying to gather more information about the Medina bloodline and where Capitan Diego Medina came from and his father’s bloodline begins. You mention Melchor de Medina and his father Tomas Medina. Can you help me this information?
        Thank You !
        Frank Medina Jr.

      2. Jesus Maria Valentino Sena

        Hello Lawrence,
        My name is Val Sena and Lawrence Medina was my uncle. He was the brother of Guillermo Medina from Fort Garland, Colorado. Originally the family lived near Trinidad, CO. and near Taos, New Mexico. Guillermo’s son (Eugenio Medina) moved to SLC,UT in the 1950,s. If you are related to Uncle Gene, please e-mail me at Did the results of you DNA show that we have Jewish DNA?

  2. Robert L. Lucero

    Territory before 1847 estado de unido de Mexico possibly find in achives Mexico City and Spain!! Read battle of Mora 200 New Mexican militia from Mora and pueblos in the Moro valley fought against U.S. army dragoons they won first battle ! U.S. army retreated into Las Vegas wheras returned for second battle with a howitzer ! Winning this battle they burn down Mora after militia freed nto the mountains! A rampage followed burning and looting every farm and Rancho in the Moro Valley! Which took place close to winter!! The people suffered but raza returned and rebuilt! Lano ,chacon Guadalapita, El Camen, Mora many little pueblos in the Moro valley

  3. Natalie Ortega Mcnish

    I am a direct decendant of Capitan Diego de Medina. My paternal grandmother, Predicanda Maria Medina – Ortega was a 7 times granddaughter of Diego. Anyone with more information. Please contact me

    1. Reyes Ortega

      My paternal grandmother was Predicanda Maria Medina Ortega. Her husband was my grandfather Manuel Ortega and his father was Tranquilino Ortega from Monte Aplanado, New Mexico near Mora. All three have passed and now resting in Rawlins, Wyoming where my dad Raimundo “Ray” Ortega also rests.

  4. Maria

    Captain Diego de Medina is also my 7th great grandfather. You can email me at Chance2381 I also took the DNA test on ancestory.

    1. Noelle Martinez

      I am also a descendent of Diego de Medina. My grandmother was Regina Medina one of 13 children born Celediono Medina and Miquelita Ortega . I would love to see what you have on your Medina side and would love to share.
      Noelle Martinez

      1. Charlene Padilla

        I did the bulk of my research in 1993, before computers. I picked it up again and just starting to put it all together again. My grandfather was the Jose Demetrio Medina, the sister of Regina. When I had left off I had Celedonio’s Medina’s father as Agustine and his father as Ramon. Maybe we can compare notes. I have only one living Medina uncle left (who is still in NM) and I plan to have him get a YDNA test done this week. He is not if the best of health, so I am in hurry to get it done. The family is from Las Trampas, Levy Nolan, Wagon Mound areas. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Charlene

      1. Charlene Padilla

        Hello Pete,
        Did you mean to write DNA test?
        I just got an email from Miguel Tórrez last month (April) about the results of my uncle’s YDNA test (Jose Demetrio Medina Jr.). Please contact me at and I will share that info with you. Thank you.

  5. Nan Barnum

    I believe that I am a descendent of Diego de Medina. My grandmother was Maria Eulogia Medina, born in Taos in 1880. She was the daughter of Buenaventura Medina and Francisca Cortez. Buenaventura Medina was the son of Tiburcio Medina and Juana Archuleta. Tiburcio was the son of Cristobal Medina and Juana Cordoba.

  6. Veronica Medina

    My grandfather was Jose Eluterio Medina, known as Eleuto Medina. He married Andrea Sierra and lived and taught in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. he was a well known local musician, playing the violin in weddings, parades and was featured in the Museum in San Luis, CO.

    1. Lita Valdez

      Hi Veronica. My name is Lita Valdez and I am trying to get information in on Andrea Sierra. She is supposedly a sister to my grandmother Tiodorita Valdez Trujillo. The only names I have come up with is your grandparents. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Michael Archuleta

    My grandfather was married to Medina from Questa NM. Every so often we have a Medina reunion at Arroyo Seco, NM
    My grandfather took the name Archuleta from an aunt that raised him. Originally Gonzales from Trinidad Colorado. I believe it was not unusual for relatives with no children to take in a child from relatives with a large family. At least it seemed to be the case in Taos County

  8. Denise Lovato-Duran

    I am descentant of Juan Pascual Medina and Josefa Trujillo. Some people have him listed as the son of Rafael Medina. Rafael does have a son named Juan Pascual married to Juana Theresa Espinosa. They are not the same person. Has anyone did the YDNA of Juan Pascual married Josefa Trujillo? I am descentant from two of Juan Pascual Medina and Josefa Trujillo’s daughters. MtDNA for them is B Native American.

  9. gardenscatsandmore

    Would someone be able to help me re Maria Paula Medina who married Bartolome Trujillo. I am trying to track down her parents. Several sites show her parents as Salvador Medina and Maria Manuela de la Cruz Martin and her birth month as april 1758. I question this as Salvador and Maria Manuela had a son, Usebio in March 1758. It isn’t likely Maria Paula would be born a month later. In all my research I have not been able to identify and confirm Maria Paula’s parents. Thank you in advance to anyone who can, and will, help on this issue.

    C. J. Harris

  10. Luke

    My great grandfather was named Jose Maria Medina born 1911 in El Valle NM San Miguel county. His wife was Adelina Medina. I found this very interesting and helpful!!!

  11. Maria

    To any and all of you since we are related I would love to connect with you more on facebook. You can find me by my email or my name on there is Maria Smith C. I’m wearing a Nike t-shirt in the pic if that helps. My grandmother was a Medina. Direct decedant of Diego de Medina 🙂. Hope to see you on facebook.

  12. Steven Medina

    ¡Saludos! I, too, am a direct descendant of Capitan Diego de Medina and Maria Zapata Tellez Jiron. I have not taken a DNA test quite yet, but it is in my plans. I’ve listed my pedigree below. I’m interested in hearing any feedback, missing information etc. I do have stuff to share too! Specifically if any readers have documentation on Crypto Jewish/Sephardic Jewish heritage – I’d be particularly interested in this. My research is indicating the strong possibility of Sephardic origins to the Maria Zapata Tellez-Jiron of the Tellez-Jiron/Romero/Robledo families that accompanied Oñate in the first colonization of present day New Mexico in 1598. I am Steven Medina ( Thank you!

    Steven Edward Medina
    b. May 24, 1966, Pueblo, CO
    d. N/A, currently residing in Denver, CO,
    Jose Luis Medina,
    b. June 9, 1931, Levy NM
    d. N/A currently residing in Pueblo, CO
    Jose Feliciano Medina
    b. June 9, 1906, Levy, NM
    d. December XX, 1984, Pueblo, CO
    Jose Demetrio Medina
    b. December 18, 1884, Trampas, NM
    Seledon Medina
    b. March 15, 1850, Trampas, NM
    Jose Augustin Medina
    b. January 17, 1815, Capilla, Rio Arriba, NM
    Jose Ramon Medina
    b. July 5, 1784, San Juan, Rio Arriba, NM
    Carlos Medina
    b. 1748 (babtism August 5, 1748), San Juan De Los Cabalerros, NM
    Diego Medina II
    b. 1698, Santa Cruz de la Canada, Provincia de Nuebo Mexico, Virreinto de Nueva Espana
    d. February 13, 1770, NM
    Capitan Diego de Medina
    b. approx. 1674, Durango, Virreinto de Nueva Espana
    d. 1713, NM
    Melchor de Medina
    b. approx. 1640

  13. Frank Medina Jr.

    SALUDOS, a Los Medina’s. My name is Frank Medina Jr and believed to be related to Diego Medina.
    My Father is Frank Medina (Jose Francisco) born August 13 1915 in San Francisco, (El Valle de San Luis) Colorado.
    His father was JOSE SELEDON MEDINA, married ADELIA ESPINOSA 26 Nov 1906 in San Luis; She was the daughter of JOSE YSIDRO ESPIONSA and MARIA APOLONIA MARTINEZ.
    JOSE SELEDON MEDINA ; born 17 April 1881 in San Luis, Colorado and Christiened 7 May 1881 in Costilla New Mexico. He is the son of JUAN BAUTISTA MEDINA AND RAMONCITA ARCHULETA.

    I am listing my father’s brothers and sisters.
    My Father, Frank Medina (Jose Francisco)

    **JUAN BAUTISTA MEDINA was married twice according to my research.
    Juan Bautista Medina first married MARIA TERESA SANCHEZ 11NOV 1850 AT TAOS NEW MEXICO. They had 8 children: 3 males and 5 females.
    known children named :
    Jose Vitor Medina
    Prescilliana Medina
    Maria Peregrina Medina
    Maria Pabla Medina
    Paulita Medina
    Jose Gabriel Medina
    Jose Urban Medina
    Maria Victoria Medina
    Juan Bautista Medina remarried RAMONCITA ARCHULETA . They had 11 children: 6 males and 5 females.
    known children named:
    Maria Fernanda Medina
    Isabela Medina
    Gregoria Medina
    Jose Medina
    Genoveva Medina
    Jose Daniel Medina
    Jose Seledon Medina (My Grandfather)
    Josefa Medina
    Maria Apolonia Medina
    Jose Moises Medina
    Santiago Medina

    I hope to hear from long lost primos and primas.
    I can be reached at

  14. J.medina

    I would like to contibute because I am true medina descendent on my paternal side with multiple living male relatives, how would I go about getting a DNA test.

  15. victor Trujillo

    Hi cousins,
    I am looking for any information regarding my maternal Great grandmother Virginia Medina (1859 – 1931) probably around the Mora, NM area.
    Her father was Jose Pablo Medina (b. 1831) her mother was Gertrudy Hurtado (b1830). I am on Family Tree. My information ends at Jose Pablo. Virginia married Silverio Mondragon and had 6 children.
    Thank you,
    Victor Trujillo

  16. Cathy (Medina) Richardson

    Anyone have connections to Andres Medina, born 1851 he married Jesusita Martinez. His son was Luis Medina Born 1890, he married Petra Ortada (Hurado). His son was Frank Eufracio Medina born 1914?


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