mtDNA Papers and More

Mitochondrial DNA, maternal DNA or mtDNA is DNA that is passed down from mothers to their sons and daughters. It is only carried through the female line and will continue through daughter inheritance but although a son inherits his mother’s mtDNA, he does not pass it down to his own children. Being that a mother passes her mtDNA to both sons and daughters, this means that both men and women can have their mtDNA tested.  Such a test can be used to test your direct maternal lineage – your mother’s mother’s mother etc. See graphic below

mtDNA line

Below is a great piece that Mary Anne Pentis put together after learning that her mtDNA test resulted in Haplogroup B2. B2 is one of five Haplogroups found in the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Click on image to enlarge.

mtDNA 4 generations

Below are some good reads on mtDNA.

An Analysis of Ancient Aztec mtNDA from Tlatelolco Pre-Columbian Realtions and the Spread of Uto-Aztecan

An Analysis of Ancient Aztec mtNDA from Tlatelolco Pre-Columbian Realtions and the Spread of Uto-AztecanAncestral Puebloan mtDNA in Context of the Greater

Southwest Native American mtDNA Prehistory in the American Southwest

Athabaskan (Navajo and Apache) genetic diseases

The African Diaspora Mitochondrial DNA and the Atlantic Slave Trade

Sephardic signature in haplogroup T mitochondrial DNASouthwestern

The initial peopling of the Americas – A growing number of founding mitochondrial genomes from Beringia




16 thoughts on “mtDNA Papers and More

    1. John Olivas

      I am B2a2, a subgroup of B2. B2 is Native, and is the Beringian Founder Haplogroup. It is believed to originated on the land mass between Asia and North America during the last ice age.

    1. John Olivas

      As you know, the dna you received from your mother is Native American. B2 originated in the Americas. It and it’s subgroups can be found from central Canada to the tip of South America.

    1. John Olivas

      For the money, 23andMe does deeper testing of your dna, so I’d say you were B2. I’ve also used National Geographic which is normally $200.00 but as little as $160.00 on sale. They, like 23andMe do only one test, but it is much deeper that FTDNA.

  1. Denise Lovato-Duran

    My DNA is B 4’5 and I have a lot of matches to New Mexico. My other grandmother is also B4’5 and gets matches from Mexico and South American. I can trace her ancestor to about 1750 New Mexico. Can you explain this to me.

    1. Nancy Lopez

      B4’5 – who is you the oldest female ancestor you can trace via your mother line? I just was told that my grandmother’s line, which ends with Lorenza Molina Quintana (married to Francisco Montes Vigil) is B4’5. This is my grandmother’s line Antonia Torres <– Luz Torres <–Maria Antonia Meregilda Dolores Lucero <– Maria de la Luz Becerra <– Maria de la Luz Archuleta <– Nicolasa Montes Vigil <– Maria Lorenza Molina Quintana I'm just curious if we share any ancestors.
      Nancy Lopez

  2. adrianyohanesp

    I have an mtDNA Hg B4c2 – B4c – B4’5 with specific np 8281 – 8289 deletions and HVR1: 16189C, similar with an African Maternal Haplogroup L0d in the website. So i curious why my mtDNA Hg B is a descendant from an Eurasian mtDNA Hg N – R* – R11?

      1. Ana Gonzalez

        Hello, I am B2a1 with no information on ancestral names I can trace. Any added info on the is rare haplogroup would be great.

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