Cordova (Cordoba) Y-DNA Study

The purpose of this study was to compare Cordova (Cordoba) lineages and their associated Y-DNA results to determine which if any is the Y-DNA genetic sequence and Haplogroup for the Cordoba/Cordova name progenitor[1] in New Mexico, Antonio de Cordoba who was married to Eugenia de Herrera.

[1] a person who begins something as defined by Webster Dictionary.

The study investigated eleven male Y-DNA results and their associated genealogies. Not all matched each other as we would hope. The results were organized into clusters of similar matches for a total of seven clusters. Based on the data, I “Propose” that the cluster which resulted in E1b1b1-M35.1 is the progenitor Y-DNA code and Haplogroup.

The case study is published in the New Mexico Genealogist March 2015: Vol. 54, No.1 and can be purchased at the NMGS website.

Author: Miguel A. Tórrez




72 thoughts on “Cordova

      1. Vincent Cordova

        My name is Vincent Cordova from San Diego California. My father’s side of the family is from new mexico. I’d like to see where this goes if possibe. Please let me know what I can do. Thanks

  1. Ken Romero

    Hi Miguel,
    My name is Ken Romero and my family was from northern New Mexico. A number of them were married and baptized in Park View (Los Ojos) at St. Joseph’s in the late 1880s. I was wondering if anyone is working on the Romero lineage from northern New Mexico or southern Colorado? Thanks

    1. nicolas1695 Post author

      Ken, yes….Lorraine Aguilar (AKA Tweety) has a lot of this info and ironically she and I are just starting to map out the Romero YDNA matches. There seems to be a whole group who are descendants of Bartolome but we also have some results that may be different Romero lines. I would be interested in your line and whether or not you have tested or are willing to test. I can help with your genealogy if you don’t already know it.

      1. Ken Romero

        Hi Nicholas. I just found your reply. It has been a number if months since I have checked this site. Thanks for your reply. My email address is please feel free to contact me. I’m interested in having my DNA tested but I not sure where to start. Do you have any suggestions? My line of Romero’s comes primarily from El Rito and Abiquiu. In the later 1880 many of my relatives were in Los Oso (Park View). Thanks

  2. Cordova de San Cristobal, NM

    I am also from this Cordova blood line from Jose Benancio Cordova to Antonio de Cordova. My great-grand father was Jose Guadalupe Cordova, son of Jose Benancio Cordova from the Arroyo Hondo/San Cristobal area. I would be interested in a DNA test. But, don’t know anything about it.

    1. John A Olivas

      I too have Cordova ancestors, though not from San Cristobal, we are certainly primos. They were from Santa Cruz, Cordova (Quemado), and Truchas. I’m writing about my mother’s great-grandmother, Maria Cornelia Segura. Her 2nd husband was Jose Guadalupe Cordova 1903, though I believe his parents were Jose Francisco Cordova and Maria Guadalupe Maes. Cornelia was living in San Cristobal when her daughter gave birth to my mother’s aunt Rose in 1908. Cornelia died in San Cristobal some time after 1910. I understand there is an old cemetery in San Cristobal; are there still readable headstones? Do you know where I might find burial records for the cemetery? Thanks in advance.

  3. Christine Wilson Garcia-Gardner

    My grandfather’s mother was a Cordoba. None of the families you have mentioned are in my family tree though. They were from the Belen, Socorro, Magdalena area at one time. I have done the DNA test through but have long wanted to have my brothers tested. Do you feel this would help in tracing my family tree?

    1. nicolas1695 Post author

      No a YDNA test of a brother would trace your father’s surname. To look into your Cordova name, any one of your grandfather’s, sons of grandsons or great grandsons who carry the Cordova surname is the person to test. They could possibly link to the progenitor Antonio de Cordoba.

  4. Angela Cordova

    I am also a Cordova and native New Mexico, although born and raised in South Western New Mexico my paternal grandfather was raised in and around the area of Vaughn NM. My late grandfathers name was Reynaldo Cordova. I’m interested in the Cordova of geneological process .

  5. Rodney Cordova

    My name is Rodney Cordova. My father was Leroy Salivar Cordova. His father was Salivar Cordova. They are from the San Luis Valley of New Mexico.

    1. Rodney Cordova

      Dr. Gloria Cordova did my geniology and confirmed that I am from the progenitor Antonio Cordova. I will be doing my Y DNA testing very soon.

  6. Karl Cordova

    Hello. My line of Cordovas are from Taos county going back about six generations and Santa Cruz before that. I am not aware of any Cordovas from my line in the SLV. Do you have names of other Cordova generations?

  7. Vincent Cordova

    No I dont. My father had a stroke in 99 and before I could ask my grandmother about my family history, she passed and my grand father passed before i was born. I recently talked to a cousin who would give me insight but due to financial restrictions I can’t visit him and vice versa. I do know my grandfather was Porfirio Cordova and fought in the Army in WW2. He had several brothers but I don’t remember all their names. They were farmers in New Mexico before the war. Many stayed but Grandpa left for California not long after he married.

    1. Vincent Cordova

      Sorry for the vague answer but I as well am looking for answers about my family history and I’m barely having the means to find out

      1. John Olivas

        The following three facebook sites dealing with family history and photos of family member may be of interest to you: (1) Familes of Costilla and Amalia New Mexico; (2) Families from Cerro, New Mexico; and (3) Families and History of Questa, New Mexico.

  8. Marina

    My great great grandmother Adela Esquivel was part of the Cordova/ Garcia family. She was full blooded Mescalero Apache from Hatch/Ruidoso area of New Mexico.

    1. Jessica ortega

      I know my grandfather his mother was a garcia and his father was a cordova my grandfather name was juan cordova he had a brother but passed in an orphanage in new mexico albuquerque

  9. Tony cordova

    Tony cordova, all the elder cordovas I know or knew of are or used to be drug addicts. Is that a nature kinda thing or a lack of nurture from these desolate albuquerque people and desolate ass land? Blood type a – uhhh …not to like brag or anything.

    1. Jessica

      Well my grandfather a cordova got out of new mexico he had nothing to do with drugs and barely would drink a beer most of the cordovas in our family are cops lol but yes your correct my mom did tell me lots of stories. Also my grandfathers mother was a druggie I believe they even took her land grant she had kind robbed my grandfather of their property. But one thing about my grandparents they loved to buy property they had nothing worked very hard went to college with 6 children .

  10. Lisa Duque

    HI, My name is Lisa Aragon. My maternal great grandmother was Olimpia Cordova, married to Isidro Sanchez of Puerto de Luna. I have seen her/my ancestral line recorded from the NM DNA project. I am still curious about the Cordova line and history.

  11. Annette cordova

    I am a Cordova from Arizona. My paternal great grandfather was Trinidad Cordova married to Maria Hernandez. I’ve always thought maybe we went from NM to AZ but I haven’t been able to trace us out of Arizona. Any help?

  12. Christine

    My Cordova (Cordoba) family also started in NM and then went to Arizona. I suspect they were following Soloman Barth. Was your great-great grandmother Manuela Cordoba? I will search through what I have.
    Regards, Christine Wilson Garcia-Gardner

    1. Randy Cordova

      My grandfather, Onesimo Cordova, was born in the late 1800s in Los Cordovas, NM near Taos (not the same as Cordova, NM which is on the High Road near Chimayo).

  13. Monica Cordova

    My name is Monica Cordova . My Grandfather is from San Cristobal,NM . He also had a large family whom I don’t know many of . He had a younger brother Orlando . I would like to find more of my relatives .

  14. Karl Cordova

    Yes, I knew an Orlando Cordova in San Cristobal. There are still many Cordova’s there. Who was your father and grandfather?

  15. Karl Cordova

    Do you have a Pablo Cordova from San Cristobal in your line? He is who I thought was Orlandos father. I thought Orlando came from a family of ten siblings. I think they have all passed.

  16. Karl Cordova

    Yes, we are related. Your great grandfather Pablo is the oldest brother to my grandfather Aniceto. You have lots of family in Taos County.

    1. DIANE R

      I may possibly be related as well. I show as a strong match to Aneceto Cordova on My roots come from the Taos area. Would love to meet him and my possible relatives!

      1. Karl Cordova

        Do you have any other males names in that Cordova lineage, especially their dates or specific locations of birth? I am from Colorado, but also have a line of Cordova’s in the Arroyo Hondo (Taos County) and surrounding area that date back to the 1700’s.

      2. DIANE R

        I really don’t have any other names. I was adopted. I took the DNA thing and Aniceto came up strong as a close relative. My birth mom lived in Taos. He may have came from San Cristobal/Arroyo Hondo (Taos Area). From my research, it looks like maybe be Aniceto (Andy) Avedon Cordova, Jr.

      3. JOHN A OLIVAS

        1910 Apr 19, San Cristobal, Arroyo Hondo census,

        dwelling # 36 — Felipe N. Cordova, head, 36, in first marriage 17 years; Leonires V. (Vigil), wife, 34, in first marriage 17 years, 8 of 8 children still living; Pablo F., son, 16, single; Florencio, son, 14, single; Ezechiel, son, 12, single; Demetrio, son, 10, single; Zacarias, son, 8, single; Hipolito, son, 3, single; Aniceto, son, 3 single.

        dwelling # 37 — Santiago Cordova, head, 28, in first marriage 4 years; Rufina M.(Maes), wife, 23, in second marriage 4 years, 2 of 5 children still living; Maximino, son, 2, single; Jose A., son, 1/12, single.

        {NOTE: Cordova, Rufinita Maes born 16 Nov 1886 at San Cristobal died 04 Jul 1922 at Taos age 35y, wife of Jose Santago Cordova daughter of Jose Abel Maes and Eulalia Silva buried 05 Jul 1922 in San Cristobal}

        dwelling # 38 — Jose Dalio Cordova, head, 39, in third marriage 7 years; Hernsinia A., wife, 22, in first marriage 7 years, 2 of 4 children still living; Alfredo, son, 7, single; Cesario, son, 2, single; Manuel A., son, 1/12, single.

        dwelling # 39 — Jose Guadalupe Cordoba, head, 69, in third marriage 7 years; Cornelia S. (Segura), wife, 45, in second marriage 7 years, 5 of 10 children still living; Luis Armijo, stepson, 18, single.

    1. DIANE R

      Karl, I researched more info from the 1940 Census for San Cristobal Taos, NM – Aniceto Cordova’s family members with names and estimated DOBs:
      Father – Aniceto Cordova – 1910
      Mother – Patrocinia – 1911
      Older Brother – Tobias – 1932
      * Aniceto – 1933
      Younger Brother – Cipriano -1935
      Younger Brother – William – 1937
      Younger Sister – Ermilinda – 1939
      Younger Sister – Fabiola – 1940

  17. Karl Cordova

    Do you have any dates or birth/death locations? Jose David was a fairly common name. I would not want to send you on a wrong track.

  18. Drew Cordova

    Hello, I come from a long line of paternal Cordovas. My father, his father, my uncle, and his son. I’m not entirely sure my grandfather’s ancestry, but my father was born in Northern California and lived his life in Arizona.

  19. Daniel

    My great grandmother was Rosarita Cordova (born abt. 1877) from San Luis, Colorado; her brother was Cristobal Cordova. Her mother was Juanita Cordova (born abt. 1840). Rosarita was married to Rufino Gallegos in San Luis. Rufino was from Amalia, NM. Amarante, Antonio, Jacob, Daniel, Jennie, Phil, Marie, Carlos, Maclovio, Arthur were Rosarita’s children… My Grandparents were Jacob Gallegos and Carmalita Quintana.

  20. Daniel

    My great grandmother was Rosarita Cordova (born abt. 1877) from San Luis, Colorado; her brother was Cristobal Cordova. Her mother was Juanita Cordova (born abt. 1840). Rosarita was married to Rufino Gallegos in San Luis. Rufino was from Amalia, NM. Amarante, Antonio, Jacob, Daniel, Jennie, Phil, Marie, Carlos, Maclovio, Arthur were Rosarita’s children… My Grandparents were Jacob Gallegos and Carmalita Quintana from San Luis.

  21. Pamela Cordova

    Hi, my Dad’s side was from Cordova NM. I grew up there during the 70’s and 80’s during school breaks. I’d like see who I’m related to.

    1. Tom Romero

      Hello Pamela,

      I am originally from Cordova, NM. I grew up in Cordova in the same time frame as you. You are probably related to Emilio Cordova and Josefita Romero (husband and wife). They owned the main store in Cordova. Emilio was the son of Matias Cordova; and Josefita was from the same Romero line as me. The Romeros in Cordova are also descendants of a Cordova: Maria Feliciana Cordova, daughter of Juan Roque Cordova (about 1725); and the wife of Miguel Mariano Romero. Juan Roque Cordova was a grandson of Antonio de Cordova.

      1. Pamela Cordova

        Hi! I don’t recognize their names. My Grandma and Grandpa Cordova were Frances and Belarimo. My Dad Tito “Nelson”, Leo, David, Flavio, Porfie, and Della.

  22. Tom Romero

    Pamela, I recognize all of the names you mention! I believe your grandpa Belarminio was the brother of Teofila and Cleo Cordova. Teofila was married to my great uncle Vences Trujillo, and Cleo was married to Vicente Trujillo. All of the Cordovas from Cordova I believe come from the family of Antonio Celedonio Cordova. He was the great grandson of Antonio de Cordova.

      1. Tom Romero

        Yea, we’re cousins! But in Cordova, almost everyone is cousins to everyone else in some way or another (close or distant)!

      2. Karl Cordova

        Tom and Pamela, I come from a line of Cordova’s in Taos County. We also came from Antonio de Cordova, but some of his grandsons eventually settled in Arroyo Hondo and then San Cristobal and there are plenty of Cordova’s still there. We are cousins, but from a long time ago. Family is family. Tom do you have history on how the village of Cordova was named and how the popular street Cordova in Santa Fe were named. Do you know any of the biographical stories (interesting stories of Cordova’s in northern NM)?

  23. Pamela Cordova

    True. Just with all my uncle’s and only one aunt, my grandparents only had three grandchildren. So now that they have past our family is getting smaller. Myself (Bambi) and my cousins Missy and Marcos.

    1. Tom Romero

      I know what you mean about families getting smaller, Pamela. I only have one uncle left. I have a bunch of first cousins, but I only see some of them once in a while.

    1. Tom Romero

      Karl and Pamela, The village of Cordova was originally known as San Francisco Xavier del Pueblo Quemado (1700s), then it became known as San Antonio de Padua del Pueblo Quemado, and finally (before the current name), Pueblo Quemado, or just plain Quemado. The name ‘Pueblo Quemado’ refers an old, burned Native American Pueblo just west of the current village that the Spanish found when they arrived there. Pottery found at the Pueblo site suggests the Pueblo was occupied between 1350 to 1400.

      The name was changed to Cordova when the post office was opened there. The name Quemado couldn’t be used because there was already a post office by that name in the town of Quemado in the western part of the state. According to the book ‘Hispano Folklife of New Mexico’, by Lorin W. Brown, The name ‘Cordova’ was chosen because the Cordova family was the most prominent and progressive family in the village.

      This same book also has the stories of how Pedro Cordova (son of Antonio Celedonio Cordova) sponsored the casting of the church bell in the village; and how, being a rich man, he supposedly buried treasure in the hills above the village.

      Pedro Cordova was the grandfather of Emilio Cordova, the store owner that I mentioned in a previous post to Pamela.

      As for the naming of Cordova road in Santa Fe, I have no idea how that came to be.

  24. Robert shawn Cordova

    I was born in Farmington. My Dad Robert (Bobby) Cordova was raised in the Shiprock area. My grandfather was Rolando Cordova. As far as I can remember he lived in Tucumcari where he passed in the early 1990s. I will get my dad on here as he has a wealth of knowledge on our family

  25. Vanessa Cordova

    My grandfather, Frank T. Cordova (b. 1886), was from New Mexico. His father was called Nicolas, and his mother’s last name was Apodaca. Frank was widowed with a few sons and lived in Greely, Colorado at one point. He later married my father’s mother, Ernestine Ovalle, and resided in California. Together they had several more children, of which my father is the youngest (b. 1947). It’s hard to believe I was born almost an entire century after my grandfather, and named after his father (my middle name is a feminine derivative, but I was to be named Nicolas had I been a boy). Interestingly, DNA analysis indicates I have a great-great (or 3x great) grandfather on my father’s side who is 100 percent Italian, which is curious.

    1. Vanessa Cordova

      PS: The 1930 census shows Frank T. was already widowed and lived with sons Tony (wife Lily), Jim, Nick and grandson Willie. He had eight additional children with my grandmother in California. (She was 25 years or so younger than he.)

  26. DIANE R

    I may be of the Cordova lineage. I was adopted at birth in Albuquerque but I understand that my ancestors come from northern NM from the Taos area. I did the DNA test in 9/2017. Just recently a DNA match popped up for Aniceto Cordova. Would love to learn more about him and other possible relatives!


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