“Archaeogenomic evidence reveals prehistoric matrilineal dynasty”

The article below was published 21 Feb 2017 in Nature Communications, a  well known and well revered scientific journal.

The article used “an archaeogenomic approach to identify an elite matriline that persisted between 800 and 1130 CE in Chaco Canyon, the centre of an expansive prehistoric complex society in the Southwestern United States.”

The NMGS DNA Project is showing that many Nuevomexicano mtDNA lines are matching the mtDNA of the remains discussed in the article.

I am not going into details at the moment as the extraction and use of the data is controversial and ethics behind the study are highly questioned.

I myself am a friend of the many Pueblo people and live among them and interact with them on a daily basis, and bring forth this discussion with the utmost sensitivity and caution. I urge any readers and those who wish to discuss this, especially those who match the maternal lineage to do the same.

If at any point I feel there is any inappropriate use or discussions I will remove from this blog.

Article PDF: Archaeogenomic evidence reveals prehistoric