Chimayó Chile Origins and Its Cultivators

A couple years ago I did a research project for an Environmental Science class and attached (click on link) is the paper of that study and below is the Abstract. The paper is the copyright of the Author, Miguél A. Tórrez and may not be distributed or republished without the Author’s consent.


Sustainable agriculture contains many elements worthy of discussion, investigation and placement upon the table of current topics in environmental science. Within the envelope of sustainability is the health of society which is being affected by rapid changes due to economic and social pressures. Amidst these changes, we look for answers to solve environmental challenges, and in this research, traditional northern New Mexico farming and ecological mastery was studied. The notion of Querencia, a place of affection or particular ethic to the land was investigated using Chimayó Chile and its cultivators as a model for understanding this concept. The continuity of the farming practices and the farming families in situ for hundreds of years allows for such investigation. In this study, nine contemporary farmers of the Chimayó Valley were investigated to determine if a correlation between their Mesoamerican ancestries showed a link that was consistent with the genetic origins of the Chimayó Chile race.

(Click Link) Chimayo_Chile_Human_Correlation


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