Espinosa News!!!

The most recent publication of our own New Mexico Genealogist, March 2018, Vol. 57, No .1 has published some recently discovered baptismal records from Santa Cruz de la Cañada from the 1726 – 1729. There are quite a few amazing discoveries. I am writing this notice to mention that my eyes lit when I read the baptismal for Antonio Tadeo Espinosa and his sister Rosa Rita Espinosa. The records prove them as the children as Salvador Espinosa and Petrona Fernandez. Antonio Tadeo has always been suspected to be Salvador’s son but proof has been hard to come by as are many records for suspected Salvador children. Currently, the NMGS DNA Project has (3) Y-DNA samples for the Antonio Tadeo branch but they are not matching the Q-M3 progenitor sequence. I need more direct male Tadeo descendants to test to be sure what is going on with his branch from a genetic perspective. The NMGS DNA Project is willing to fund a Y-DNA test(s) if a good validated direct paternal link can be proven for a male Espinosa.  Please respond here or visit the NMGS DNA Discussion Facebook page for communication.


Author: nicolas1695

Independent historian and genetic genealogist of New Mexico history and family lineages. Chair of the New Mexico Genealogical Society's Genetic Genealogy Project (NMGS DNA Project). Member of the Santa Cruz de la Cañada Historical Working Group.

9 thoughts on “Espinosa News!!!”

      1. i am Timothy Cecil Espinoza. How can i get a copy of the study, or a copy of the genealogy chart?

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