New Mexico Genealogical Society’s – Genetic Genealogy Project

I am excited to announce that I am a new board member with the New Mexico Genealogical Society (NMGS) and am the Chair of a new project, “The New Mexico Genealogical Society’s Genetic Genealogy Project (NMGS-GGP)”.

This difference between this and the NM DNA Project will be that this one is open to sharing genealogies for the purpose of validating genealogies with genetic testing. Being that this project focuses on genetic genealogy, hence genealogy and DNA; a genealogy will be required to join. Genealogies will be double checked or further researched by myself in collaboration with NMGS to better understand what the genetic results are telling us. This component of research by us is a benefit to the member who joins as it will be a genealogical service as well as consultation. In the end, each member’s participation will help New Mexico genealogy as the goal is to validate genealogies tracing back their known settlement in New Mexico.

Angel Cervantes, the NM DNA Project administrator will be our technical advisor and the NMGS-GGP will encourage new participants who are testing for the first time to also join the NM DNA Project as anyone who tests through FTDNA can join multiple projects. We will also encourage those who are already tested with FTDNA and are already in the NM DNA Project to add NMGS-GGP to their projects.

It is important to note that the NMGS-GGP is being developed at the request of its members and is not intended to compete with the NM DNA Project and with Angel as a technical advisor there will be cohesion between the two.

The NMGS will have a web page dedicated to this project and will expand and enhance the details of this blog. Any questions you may have on testing, working with your results and understanding them along with your pedigree chart is what I will be available for. NMGS members have asked for someone to help them better understands genetic genealogy and I look forward to hearing from you.

At this point the webpage and project format are not fully developed but I thought it was necessary to let you know the latest project at hand. The project does have an e-mail set up which is listed below.

If you are not currently a member or the NMGS, I highly encourage you join and become a member of the society that has been serving New Mexico genealogy since 1960. You can find the link to join on the main NMGS web page at the link below.

NMGS Main Page:

Sincerely, Miguel A. Tórrez
NMGS – GGP Chair


Author: nicolas1695

Independent historian and genetic genealogist of New Mexico history and family lineages. Chair of the New Mexico Genealogical Society's Genetic Genealogy Project (NMGS DNA Project). Member of the Santa Cruz de la Cañada Historical Working Group.

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