Torres Surname in New Mexico

Read an short essay on the history of the Torres surname in New Mexico.


One thought on “Torres Surname in New Mexico

  1. Robt. Naranjo

    Mr. Torres,
    Excellent work you have done. I could not find Mr. Naranjo’s work on his DNA.
    If I have mine done to get more of a pool of Naranjo males, what company do you recommend and what is the cost?
    I know that Alonso Naranjo, in Fray Angelico Chavez’s book, cannot be linked to other Naranjos or in Chavez’s words the link
    “cannot be ascertained.”
    His description of Alonso Naranjo is “…of good stature, light complected, with tawny hair hair and a scar on his cheek” sounds like many Naranjos in NM today. Except, maybe, for the scar!
    And, as far as Domingo Naranjo, who is the father of most, if not all Naranjos in NM today,
    is thought to be by Fray A.. Chavez as a slave who came with expeditions. Why is there no link to Domingo’s father?
    I’ll be in touch. OK. Thank you for all your work.


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