My name is Miguel A. Tórrez, also known as Mike. I am the New Mexico Genealogical Society’s DNA Project administrator. Our project goal is to validate genealogies tracing back to their known origin in New Mexico.

New Mexico settlements occurred in different waves, sometimes in large groups or in smaller families, thus various settlers came at different times. Some genealogies have paper trail road blocks, some are traceable all the way back to the 1598 Oñate settlement, while others can only trace to the Reconquest, Mexican or Territorial periods and, in some cases, are traceable to known Native American ancestors. DNA is a tool that can help confirm or distinguish branches of the same surname, and help these road blocks by possibly linking them to surname lineages or family branches that have been confirmed using the paper trail and DNA comparisons. NMGS has well known genealogists and volunteers that in researching, double checking and finalizing genealogies.

The intent of the project is to be open with sharing our genealogies and DNA for the better understanding of New Mexico genetic genealogy as a whole. Each participant is required to submit genealogy associated with the direct lineage being tested (either Y-DNA or mtDNA) as well as a release form which designates the level of sharing  that I can have. A second release will be required if the person’s results are to be part of a journal publication.

It is not a requirement that a participant be an NMGS member but it is highly recommended as we are here to serve you. Becoming a member has many advantages and we are the society that has been serving New Mexico genealogy since 1960.



Miguel A. Tórrez

NMGS DNA Project Administrator


NMGS DNA Project forms and details: http://www.nmgs.org/dna






35 thoughts on “Home

  1. John Vladez

    Miguel, this is a wonderful site. It looks like it can generate a lot of interest and responses to your queries. You know that I appreciate your efforts as you check out my Y-DNA results. Take care

    1. nicolas1695 Post author

      Thank you John, I sure hope it does generate interest in testing and sharing information.

  2. Steve & Elaine Espinoza

    Miguel Torrez.
    Is this the same Nicolas as Nicolas Espinoza? Steve just wonder because of the s a spelling.Good Job.

    1. nicolas1695 Post author

      This Nicolas is the one and only progenitor. There was no use of the z in Espinosa among New Mexican families until the late 1800s and really even then it was extremely rare until the 1940s.

  3. 122112oboy

    Miguel, For those of us that cannot make it to NM to be entertained by Angel, it would be a great service if someone (you) could produce a You Tube presentation showing how to do genetic genealogy properly. I say this as if you have nothing else to do. siempre tu amigo, Ed Romero

  4. Selina Espinoza

    Hi, My name is Selina Espinoza, I know that Salvador Espinosa was our relative but I am not sure of Nicolas Espinosa. I just got my DNA back and I wonder if you could look at it to see if I belong to the Espinosa’s families. My link stops on Buenaventura Espinosa but I do know that Salvador Espinosa is related to us. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. PS thanks for all your work.
    Oh, My Great Great Grandfather was Crescencio Espinoza and follows Juan Jose Espinoza; Juan Pedro Espinoza; Buenaventura Espinoza (??) or Alejandro (??) and then Salvador Espinoza, according to the Seattle Genealogical Society. Thank You

  5. Tina Espinoza

    Hi Selina Espinoza, I belong to the same Espinoza family. I believe that Crescencio Espinosa was my Great Great Grandfather as well. I have been doing research since 2003.

    1. Selina Espinoza

      Hi Tina, I just read your email, sorry. My Great Grandfather was Crescensio Espinoza and Benito Espinoza (his son obviously) my Grandfather. I must be your Aunt!

  6. Lucy Maestas

    Selina and Tina: I must be your distant cousin — my grandfather (Claudio Espinoza) was Cresencio’s brother.

      1. Lucy Maestas

        Hi Jerome – Your Grandfather would then be Manuel Espinoza, my first cousin! Your mom is Josephine?

  7. Mark DeSautel y Espinoza

    Miguel, your work to reveal the genetic connections of New Mexico surnames is a benefit to us all. Thanks so much for your dedication in helping reveal our ancestry. In some quixotic vision, there has to be a story for a movie in your research!

    1. nicolas1695 Post author

      Thanks Mark, there a quite a bit of stories for even short film It would be awesome to see the 1837 Chimayó Revolt (AKA Rio Arriba Rebellion) or Espinosa brothers on film.

  8. peter gutierrez


  9. margaret villa

    Sir name is Villa, originally from way deep in to Mexico,,past Mexico city,what can you tell me bout it?

  10. Laura Ledesma (Quintana)

    My great grandfather is Lonjino Hidalgo Quintana 3/15/1881, his parents are listed as Facundo 1836? and Transido 1845? Quintana. Siblings, Sepriano 1871 and Fernanda 1873 Quintana. Source1885 New Mexico territorial census, residence Las Cruces, Dona Ana, New Mexico.

  11. Monica

    My is Monica Blanco-Etheridge and I attempting to find more information on my Great-Grandfather Angel Sanz Hernandez (1882-1972)married to Inez or Ynez Salgado (1896-1946) in Carlsbad New Mexico. I can’t seem to find any information on his side of the family or my grandfather Alberto Soto Blanco (1910-1990) married to Adama Hernandez Blanco (1913-1989). Alberto travel with his aunt Rafaela Blanco not much information on her and he had one brother Francisco Blanco. The Hernandez line settled in Carlsbad until their deaths, the Blancos ended in California. Your guidance is appreciated.

    Very interested in the genetics information, just received my DNA results and have found them interesting. Your sharing is appreciated. Monica

  12. Maria

    If you are still around I would love to know more history about my family or be able to contribute. Email is Chance2381@gmail.com or at aol.com. Facebook page too if you could email me it would be great. Direct decedant of Diego De Medina. My line ended with great grandfather, he had 3 daughters.

  13. Leo

    That is really fascinating, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to in quest of extra of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

  14. patricia mary herrerea sorry i dint see my e mail was in but hope u can help me thank y

    hi mike im back i dont do alot cus of medical problems but i belong to the nm project but my qoustin is ok i had my first cousin do a dna on the male side cus myhalph brother is from mothers when we did this dna about ayear ago it was under my mangement the cousin was richard sena but my kit no was547492 pass word was in capital leterrrs gold rock 44 my name sena is under112275 ok here is the prblem idid a mntdna about 6 monts ago and what i make out its on the old noi did the full senqouez my new kit no is 682817 pass word is 01f6co i can ot get back to my mytna any more how do i do this thank you i knoew its a long letter but hope u can help

    1. patricia mary herrerea sorry i dint see my e mail was in but hope u can help me thank y

      hi mike i eed information my sena dna is kit no 547492 pass word is gold
      rock44 incapital leters and my mothers name is archibeque kit no682817 pass word 01f6c0 my qoustion is how to get into my maiden nameinformation sena i stop last year do to illness m in stage 4 i dont get out much im home bound plz cont me here or my fb thank u patricia mary herrera


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